EL297V High Efficiency Two-Stage Gas Furnace

EL297V High Efficiency Two-Stage Gas Furnace

High-efficiency, variable-speed gas furnace

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Technical Specifications

Initial Cost $$
Overall Efficiency ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Heating AFU Up to 96%
Warranty Warranty on covered components is 5 years, compressor is covered for 10 years. Warranty on furnace heat exchanger is 20 years or lifetime depending on model. A 10-Year Extended Limited Warranty is available with product registration.



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EL297V High Efficiency Two-Stage Gas Furnace

Variable-speed airflow means consistent comfort

The EL297V High Efficiency Two-Stage Gas Furnace can adjust its airflow speed.While most furnaces are single stage, meaning they’re either on or off, this furnace can heat at two different speeds. Most of the time the unit will meet heating needs at its lower speed, resulting in balanced and consistent temperatures with lower energy use.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 200 × 150 cm


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