EL297E High Efficiency Two-Stage Gas Furnace

EL297E High Efficiency Two-Stage Gas Furnace

High-efficiency, variable-speed gas furnace

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Technical Specifications

Initial Cost $$
Overall Efficiency ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Heating AFU Up to 96%
Warranty Warranty on covered components is 5 years, compressor is covered for 10 years. Warranty on furnace heat exchanger is 20 years or lifetime depending on model. A 10-Year Extended Limited Warranty is available with product registration.



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EL296V High Efficiency Two-Stage Gas Furnace

Variable-speed airflow means consistent comfort

The EL297E High Efficiency Two-Stage Gas Furnace can adjust its airflow speed, Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE, measures how efficiently your furnace uses fuel. An energy rating of up to 97% AFUE means this furnace can lower your energy bills by 20% compared to a standard furnace, while still keeping your home warm and quiet. It may even help you qualify for energy rebates.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 200 × 150 cm


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