Mr. Slim M-Series

Mr. Slim M-Series

single/multi-split heat pump system that is a compact, quiet and energy efficient way to provide cooling or heating in a wide array of applications. The M-Series system is a cornerstone of the Mitsubishi Electric product line, and is widely known for its top of the line quality and endurance.
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Mr. Slim M-Series

  • A slim-line outdoor condenser unit connects through small piping to a variety of indoor air handling units that sit nicely and almost unnoticed with the décor of any room
  • Working like an air conditioner on warm days, the pump will extract heat from inside the home and transfer it outdoors
  • Conversely, on cold days the pump will flow heat energy into the home from the outside
  • It can be used in both ducted and ductless applications
  • Depending on the series, indoor units can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or recessed into walls and ceilings so they are hidden from view
  • See the Features & Benefits of the M-Series product line

Product Specifications

  • VCSi Technology: VCSi technology automatically adjusts the system’s capacity to match your home’s moment to moment heating and cooling needs, thus saving you from the higher bills of a conventional system that runs at full speed even when demand is low.
  • Single Spilt vs. Mutl Split System:if you intend on heating and cooling multiple rooms, then you will use the Mr.Slim™ multi split system where one outdoor unit connects via small piping to multiple indoor units. Regardless of your desired split, the technology is the same and the comfort is unmatched.
  • Hyper Heat at -25°C:Unlike conventional systems, Mr.Slim™ can provide cooling when outdoor temperatures are as low as -10°C and can provide heating when outdoor temperatures are as low as -25°C.
  • Zone Control: Mr. Slim’s multi-zone technology allows you to program each room to its own temperature, pleasing everyone in each business, organization or family!
  • Energy Star Participant: eco-friendly and efficient air comfort. With advanced technology including ozone friendly and non CFC R-410A refrigerant, you can benefit from significantly lower energy bills, all while leaving a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Air Purification: he anti-allergy blue enzyme filter traps common household allergens such as dust, pollen and mites and transforms them into harmless proteins. The Platinum deodorizing filter uses nanotechnology to absorb odors and neutralize smells from your space.
  • i-See Sensor Measures Hot and Cold Spots: The industry first i-see Sensor measures hot and cool spots in the room and focuses airflow to that area. This maintains your desired air temperatures and prevents excessive heating or cooling. The i-see Sensor is available on select M-Series FE models.
  • Industry Leading Warranty: offers a 5-year parts and 7-year compressor warranty that is among the best in the industry.his warranty is upgraded to a 10-year parts and compressor warranty in cases where the Mr. Slim M-Series system is installed and registered by an authorized Mitsubishi Electric MEQ Dealer

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