Tank Hot Water Heaters

Tank-type water heaters are the most common type of water heaters. These units physically store gallons of heated water at a time.

Benefits of Tank Heater 

  • Economical, generally lower up-front unit cost compared to tankless water heaters
  • ENERGY STAR™ certified models available
  • Accommodates steady, high-use demands
  • Capacity ranges from 2-60 gallons
  • Efficiency varies between models and fuel sources
  • Select models work with the WINK app to provide you with convenient control of your water heater

Brands we carry


With a history of providing water heating solutions for over 130 years, Bradford White leads the industry as one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of water heating, space heating, combination heating, and water storage products in the world.


Giant is one of Canada’s largest manufacturer of water heating systems.

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