Comfort™ 92 Gas Furnace 59SC2

Comfort™ 92 Gas Furnace 59SC2

Up to 92.1% AFUE for enhanced energy savings with standard comfort features.

Initial Cost $


Technical Specifications

Initial Cost $
Overall Efficiency All sizes meet ENERGY STAR® South regional standards.
Heating AFU Up to 92.1%
Gas Value Technology Single-Stage
Blower Motor Type Multi-speed

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Comfort™ 92 Gas Furnace


The Comfort™ 92 condensing gas furnace delivers on energy efficiency, achieving 92.1% AFUE. The ECM blower motor is electrically efficient and additional speed options enhance comfort. It can deliver the warmth and is designed to save you money.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 200 × 150 cm


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